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We offer expert lawn, landscaping, and hardscaping services in Clive, IA.

Our services include landscaping, hardscape construction, lawn care and maintenance, and irrigation.

Clive, IA, is a city in Dallas and Polk counties with a little over 18,800 people residing here. It's part of the Des Moines metropolitan area, providing a suburban feel while still being close to the big city. The Greenbelt Trail is a popular hiking trail that runs through the community, and there are several parks where you can spend a beautiful day outside, such as Stonegate Park, Linnan Park, and Campbell Recreation Area.

Here at Outdoors by JK, we offer expert lawn, landscaping, and hardscaping services for residential and commercial properties and HOAs in Clive, IA. Our team has the training, experience, and know-how to give you the best results from any of our services, whether landscaping, hardscape construction, lawn care and maintenance, or irrigation.

We can construct concrete patios, retaining walls, water features, and other hardscapes.

If you want to enhance your outdoor space in Clive, IA, our hardscape construction services are just what you need! We can design and build a highly durable concrete patio to provide the foundation for gatherings, then outdoor steps so that you can easily navigate between different elevations. Our team can also install a concrete driveway to boost your property's curb appeal!

A retaining wall will remedy soil erosion and create more flat, usable space, while a seating wall will provide durable, built-in places to sit. Meanwhile, you can choose between a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace to enjoy fireside warmth during chilly evenings here in Clive. Our crew can also construct a beautiful water feature to bring tranquility to your outside space. Check out all the hardscape construction services we offer:

Take Your Landscape to New Heights With Our Landscaping Services

Your landscape plays a huge role in the curb appeal of your property, and we can help take it to new heights! We can install new softscape beds or renovate existing ones, then fill them with plants. Our crew can also create a 2D or 3D design rendering so you can see your finished project before installation begins, install LED landscape lighting to bring your outdoor space in Clive, IA, to life at night, and help you reap the benefits of low-maintenance grass with artificial turf. Our landscaping services include the following:

We offer a commercial snow removal service to keep your business in Clive, IA, open and accessible during the winter.

Bolster your turf's health and curb appeal with our lawn care and maintenance services.

At Outdoors by JK, we offer lawn care and maintenance services to bolster your turf's health and curb appeal! We'll routinely nourish it with fertilizers, tackle weeds, diseases, and grubs, and loosen compacted soil to help resources reach the roots of your grass. We can also fill bare and patchy areas with new growth to make your lawn thicker and denser than ever! On the other hand, we'll maintain its pristine aesthetics by mowing it weekly and removing leaves in the spring and fall.

Our Irrigation Services Include Installation, Repairs, Winterization & Startups

Keeping your irrigation system in optimal condition is crucial for keeping your vegetation hydrated throughout the growing season, and we offer various services to do just that. For example, we can repair any issues, shut it down for the winter, and bring it online in the spring. Our team can even install an irrigation system for you if you don't already have one! Here are all the irrigation services we offer in Clive, IA:

Call us today to schedule our lawn, landscaping, and hardscaping services.

At Outdoors by JK, we take pride in providing exceptional services for our clients. Whether you need lawn care and maintenance, hardscape construction, landscaping, or irrigation services - we have you covered! We proudly serve homes, businesses, and HOAs in Clive, IA. Call us today at (515) 330-1123 to schedule any of our lawn, landscaping, and hardscaping services!

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